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Wild plants are the greatest gift of nature, yet mostly, they are taken for granted.

They clothe and cleanse us, heal and soothe our bodies and souls and are symbols of love and hope.

Plants are involved in almost every aspect of our lives; providing food and nourishment, vital ingredients for health, beauty, and perfumes and colours to lift our spirits and brighten our days. They are the green force of life, turning sunlight into food and oxygen thus restoring and rebirthing through the cycles of time.

PlantWalk offers pre-arranged and bespoke guided flower walks in and around Hartland and the North Devon AONB; a great way to relax, learn and enjoy a whole new way to experience the countryside

With the help of a local expert, you will master how to identify a range of common and less common plants you spot along the way. You will learn what is edible and poisonous, what may have medicinal or healing uses, and any associated country tales and customs.plantwalk feedback

Each walk will teach you how to look for and see native wild plants, to be mindful, and will captivate your interest and imagination. They include stories about plants, information on identification for foraging, culinary and medicinal recipes for wild plants and fascinating folklore and history.

The walks can be short rambles, or longer walks whichever suits you best.

Charges are per person per hour on each walk; I am happy to take groups of people up to 10 in total (for larger groups, the price per person drops accordingly).

Each walk must be booked at least two days prior to the event; meeting points, terrain and suitable clothing etc can be discussed at booking.

To discuss anything and to book a guided walk please telephone or email Clare Gurton

Telephone: 07584-045272. Email: clare.gurton@btopenworld.co.uk

Best Spring Ever!

The wet cold winter and late warm dry spring seem to have given us the best display of wildflowers that I can remember.

The woods were alive with that special combination of bluebells, red campion and wild garlic.

The cliffs covered in thrift, kidney vetch and oxe-eye daisy.

Thrift and oxe-eye daisy

The verges in full flower with cow parsley and red campion and now in the damper places, hemlock water-dropwort and yellow flag iris.

Hemlock water dropwort and yellow flag iris

Look beyond these obvious flowers and there is so much more … let me show you!